Our simulators can build any ISO8583 message, Visa, MasterCard, POS, or even ATM. You configure transactions in spreadsheets, messages via GUI, and authorization in scripts.

POS/E-Commerce Simulator

POS and e-commerce transactions work just as easily. Load the scripts, the transactions and start testing. Or make changes to match your custom interfaces, and then test as much as you want.

ATM Simulator

Each ATM vendor comes with a different format and it may be a little more complicated. If you need something heavily customized, then our Simulator engine will definitely be able to do it. Contact us and tell us what device you have, we might have the scripts for it already. If not, it is never too late to write a new one

Card Simulators

Visa, Master, Diners, Amex, JCB, China Union Pay? For the engine it is a matter of loading a different script and formatting messages differently. For the tester it is just a difference of test cases. And IP/port. Acquiring or issuing, that is just an option.

ISO 8583 Simulator

ISO 8583 Simulator Bank host interfacing starts with a standard Iso8583 script. Then we apply the customizations. Message fields are activated or deactivated via GUI, and data type and length is also visual. Add or remove fields as you please. Then add or remove those fields from the test cases. A mini authorization system you might say it is, and you would be right. No wonder it can do so many things, if it is built the same way.

ISO 8583 Logger

Our Iso8583 logging tool will listen to your connection, parse and log Iso8583 messages so you can extract reports. You can easily then view you transactions in a text file, or import them from a CSV file to Excel, so you can process them and extract reports. This is not a tool for clearing and settlement, although the behaviour is just the same, and you can configure such output files to be exported.

ISO 8583 Server

The same engine as the Iso8583 simulator, but with authorization scripts for issuing. Runs on any platform where you have Java, and reads JavaScript authorization scripts that specify the logic to authorize transactions. Use cards and message configuration from CSV files or connect to databases. Configure simple authorization rules in spreadsheets or use complex logic or formatting in authorizations scripts.